TTravelTrucks range of Iveco 4x4 accessories, fitted to your Iveco 4x4 vehicle or to your ScrubMaster Iveco 4x4 takes your truck to a whole new level of comfort, practicality, and desire.

Each TravelTruck Accessory has been thoughtfully designed for a tough life by one of Australia's most seasoned adventure travellers. Our corporate aim is to ensure it works smoothly, reliably and consistently no matter where you take it.

In many cases our Iveco Accessories/Options can be supplied as a KIT for your to economically fit yourself:
SUPPLED & FITTED at our workshops in Brendale/Brisbane to your Iveco Cab Chassis, ScrubMaster Expedition Camper or the ScrubMaster Explorer Module.

Iveco Vehicle Options:     (click here or any of the options below for more detail)


Wheel & Tyre Options:     (click here or any of the options below for more detail)

The Iveco Daily 4x4  comes standard with 9.5R17.5 (32") Michelin XZY on-road tyres and is speed limited to 120kph.

Offered from Iveco are optional 255 100R16 (36.5") Michelin XZL's on 16" split rims, these are great tyres however the vehicle is factory speed limited to 100kph with this option and cannot be changed. The other downside is the XZL's heal and toe significantly on the black top over 80kph, are thus are increasingly road noisy. Replacement tyres approach $1,000each...that is if you can get them!

TravelTrucks offer the following alternatives:

And the Following:


Bull Bar Options:      (click here or any of the options below for more detail)

In conjunction with major Bullbar manufacturers TravelTrucks have worked jointly to design Bullbars that ideally suit the Iveco 4x4 and its application. 

All TravelTrucks Bull Bars are built strong in light weight aluminium.

There are two types of TravelTruck Bull Bars:

    • The T1, T2 and T3 Bull Bars that bolt directly to the front of the Factory Iveco Bumper and into the Vehicle Chassis
    • The RidgeLine one hoop and three hoop Bars that replaces the Factory Iveco Bumper
Knowing the Iveco Daily 4x4 as intimately as we do, we highly recommend not to carry a winch at the front end. This extra 40 to 60 kg adds significant strain onto the front suspension system and also reduces the bump stop clearance and suspension travel.

To this extent, all TravelTruck Bullbars are manufactured without a winch mounting platform at the front end.  The improved alternative is the option of including a chassis mounted steel winch receiver incorporated into the Bullbar.

With the winch stored at the rear of the vehicle is can be easily moved from here and slid into the front receiver, connect the electrics via the Anderson plug and winch. There are many advantages of this system. See more at Back2Front Winches below.

TravelTrucks are pleased to offer the following Bull Bars:


Auxilary Fuel Tanks & Fuel Accessories:  (click here or any of the options below for more detail)

Travelling vast distances?
The Iveco fuel tank is 90Lts which is good for around 550kms, so additional fuel is a requirment for remote travel.
Modern engines also need protection from water and impurities, we use and recomend WaterWatch and FuelMaster Filters


Auxilary Water Tanks:   (click here or any of the options below for more detail)


Winch Options:   (click here or any of the options below for more detail)

The TravelTrucks Back2Front Winch is a top-of-the-line recovery winch  with the advantage of being able to recover the vehicle from both front and rear. The winch load ratings that outperforms all others.

The winch is supplied with its own carry pod and two convenient carry handles. This carry pod slips securely into the supplied winch receiver at the rear of the Iveco. Here it is secured with a lockable pin and carried until needed. Should there be a need to winch forward, simply unclip and move to the front winch receiver, supplied separately.

 Advantages of the Back2Front Winch system include:

  • Flexibility in winching direction - forward or backwards.
  • Winching from the rear allows recovery without winching further into trouble.
  • The entire unit can be easily removed from the rear carry position and repositioned into the front receiver for forward winching.
  • Carrying the winch at the rear keeps approximately 35 to 50kg off the front suspension components.
  • Permanently mounted front winches can be damaged when driving at speed into water as this can force water into sensitive electrical areas.
  • When the winch is not in use it can be stored away from the vehicle, reducing unnecessary vehicle load and eliminating potential theft.

Winch Options:


Lighting Options    (click here or any of the options below for more detail)


Battery & Power Supply Options:    (click here or any of the options below for more detail)

When there is a need for extra battery power for camping, solar power storage, winching or all three we have the system.
TravelTrucks Battery Cradles are built tough to withstand maximum punishment.
Have a particular power need?  Talk to our 12V experts who have designed systems for remote campers through to massive mining equipment.


ScrubMaster Explorer Module Options:

    • Explorer Module Single Cab
    • Explorer Module Dual Cab
    • Rear Tyre Carrier & Support Bar
    • Secondary Spare Tyre Carrier
    • Cabin Access
    • 22mm Thick Insulation for Explorer Module
    • 300W Solar Roof Mounted Panels
    • 400W Solar Roof Mounted Panels
    • Solar System External Plug


ScrubMaster Overland Camper Options:    (click here or any of the options below for more detail)