Battery Tray for 2 or 3: 

Battery Box 2Slightly different models built for the single and for the dual cab Iveco 4x4s.

These auxiliary battery cradles are built tough to withstand maximum punishment.

The cradle is capable of carrying 2 or 3 120ah auxiliary batteries.







Battery Box 7

A significant amount of design time, R&D testing, and many remanufacturers is what makes TravelTrucks products field tough.

Tough, but also designed with balance and thought.

All brackets are manufactured from steel and then treated in either electro plating providing corrosion resistance that is 6 times higher than hot dip galvanising or powder coated depending on the application.


Note the quality of the weld, and all gaps are sika filled.

We use existing holes in the chassis when mounting our accessories and only drill when there is no other option and then we do this under the Iveco body builder guidlines. Holes are then treated before assembly.


Battery coverKit includes:

Steel Cradle - Zinc Cobalt Dipped & Black Powder coated
Alloy Cover  - Black Powder coated
Battery hold down clamps
Chassis mounting bolts
Fitting instructions

Battery Tray Single Cab   ( TT26.00 )

Battery Tray Dual Cab     ( TT26.01 )


Supply & Fit Single Cab(No Battery/Electrics)
( TZ26.00 )
Supply & Fit Dual Cab (No Battery/Electrics)  
( TZ26.01 )



Full Auxiliary Battery set up:

Battery Box 1


Supplied & Fitted with 2 x N70/120Ah Batteries, Tray, and full electrics & VSR Charging Circuit    
( TZ26.03 )
Supplied & Fitted with 3 x N70/120Ah Batteries, Tray, and full electrics & VSR Charging Circuit      
( TZ26.04 )


There are many electrical options and variations possible so talk to us regarding your specific need.





Anderson Plug for fridge or solar:

Fitment of Anderson plugs their position, current draw, and requirements is all an individual quote.

Supply and Fit Anderson plug for in Cab Fridge   ( TZ29.01 ) 



Individual 12V Electrical Systems:

TravelTrucks can design and build both simple and complex wiring systems with knowledge and understanding.

We have qualified auto electricians in the workshop.