Differential Breathers:

Oxodised Breather


The Iveco differential breathers are known to easily oxidise, blocking and then eventually forcing oil from the pinion seal. 



The answer is to replace the ends and move both breathers high into the engine bay.



New Diff Breather  Water Watch




The Diff Breather Kit for both front and rear differential provides all the components for this simple fitment

  ( TT01.02 )

Supplied and Fitted  ( TZ01.02 )


(Picture shows breathers fitted next to optional WaterWatch)






Kit Includes:

1 x Engine Mounting Bracket
2 x Breathers
2 x Bulkhead Kit
2 x Inline Joiners
2 x 6mm Bolts,Nuts & Washers
8m x 8mm Airline
8m x 10mm Loomtube
2 x M6x20 Zinc Screw, Nylon Nut & Washer
6 x Cable Tie




Transfer Case Breathers:

transfer breather 1Completing the investment in longevity the Transfer Box Breather should also moved up high.

The breather is mounted on the rear of the cabin or on the front of the Tray or Module

Kit   ( TT01.01 )

Supplied and Fitted   ( TZ01.01 )


Transfer Breather shown mounted on front of tray headboard together with fuel and water tank breathers.





TransbreatherKit Includes:
3 x Brass Connectors
1 x Poly Riser
2 x Mounting Clips
2 x L Flange Nusert
2 x Zinc Screws & Washer
1.6M  x Fuel Line
2 x Hose Clamps
1 x P Clamp
6 x Cable Ties



The gear box breather is already high in the engine bay, and it surprises us that the differential and transfer breathers are not accordingly supplied high by Iveco Italy




Seat Frame Reduction by 50mm:

Seat Reduction 2

Ex-factory the Iveco heated suspension seats are too high and we believe this makes for an uncomfortable driving and passenger position.

Our seat height modification reduces the seat height by 50mm yet retains the original integrity of the frame.

This improves the vision below the overhead console and the driving position is far more relaxed.

TravelTrucks, on an exchange basis, reduce the seat frame by 50mm.

The result is a much better seating position. rather than feeling you are sitting on the seats you feel more comfortable sitting in the seat. This more relaxed position makes long drives better and safer.



Iveco Driver or Passenger Seat Reduction per seat  ( TT01.10/11 )

Supplied and Fitted per seat  ( TZ01.10/11 )


We have a number of seat frames ready to go, however we do need a bond of $400/seat in addition to the above. This amount will be returned to you once we receive your original seat frames back at our workshop.

This bond/deposit does not apply should we carryout the fitment at our Brendale workshop or your frames can be send to us before shipment of the modified ones.



Tow Bar - 3500Kg:

When you need a super strong tow bar for your Iveco 4x4 you can’t go past the TravelTruck Tow Bar.

Tow Bar 1Designed by TravelTrucks to complement the vehicle and retain Iveco's impressive departure angle. The bar is manufactured by one of Australians most highly respected tow bar manufacturers exclusively for TravelTrucks. - Tow Bars supplied to other retailers are NOT THE SAME !

It is built strong with the removable draw bar and ball.
The ball height can be adjusted from 560 mm to 700 mm allowing full flexibility.

Tow Bar Hitch








Tow Bar 45dRated at 3500 kg it optimizes the maximum towing capacity of the Iveco 4x4.

Unlike all others on the market this Tow Bar is designed not to degrade the remarkable abilities of the Iveco 4x4.

Check the departure angle and height of other Iveco towbars in the market and you will see why we know Iveco

All TT Tow Bars have an anti-rattle mechanism built in.

Tow Bar Wrong








Iveco Tow bar 3500Kg including Adjustable Ball Mount & Ball   ( TT01.60 )

Supplied and Fitted on Site Brendale     ( TZ01.60 )

Fitment of the tow bar requires removal of the rear round bar. This round bar is a European requirement and is not required.



Iveco Snorkel:

Snorkel DCThe RidgeLine Snorkel provides an air ram to feed the engine with fresh air well above road grime and heavy bulldust. The snorkel also provides a safe high-level air intake when attempting deep-water crossings.

Designed by TravelTrucks specifically for the Iveco Daily 4x4, it has proven to be a huge hit locally and internationally, with exports to Germany, Spain and even the home of Iveco – Italy.

Proudly made in Australia from heavy duty Linear Low-Density Polyethylene, the unit has high UV resistance, is puncture resistant and is suitable for both dual and single cab model Iveco 4x4s.

Iveco Snorkel Kit   ( TT01.50 )

Supplied and Fitted  ( TZ01.50 )

The kit is supplied with full instructions, template and all components required.





ECM remap = 30% increase in Power & Torque:

This is one of the most significant changes to the performance of the Iveco we have developed.


ECM Re-Map IVECOThe improvement in power and torque is immediately noticeable with up to a 30% improvement in both.

Driving and engine response is vastly improved.

Fuel Usage: Whether this improves or stays the same will depend how you manage your extra power. From our testing if you use the power available fuel usage will remain the same as pre-Remap. If you drive as before fuel usage will improve.


The Dyno printout indicates improved power from 93.3HP to 124.8HP, torque is relevant

(Grunt pulling power measured at the rear wheel)

Importantly the maximum power band is exactly where it is needed for passing at 95 to 110KPH

All modifications are within the ECM Iveco factory parameters 

The upgrade can only be done in our workshop as it requires careful removal of the vehicle's ECM. Remapping is done overnight and the ECM is replaced the next day.

The Remapped ECM is covered by the developers 5 years warranty, extending the Iveco Warranty by a further 2 years.

We now have a good number of remapped client vehicles in the field and all comment on the vast improvement and a more relaxed towing ability

ECM Remap   ( TZ50.01 )



 Alpine 2 Din Entertainment System INE-W957A.


Looking for creature comforts, and a whole lot of mapping information?

This system has everything:

INE-W957E splitscreenWith a large 7" WVGA screen, My Favourites easy sound setup, and built-in Bluetooth, the INE-W957E offers fast and easy access to your favourite entertainment and information sources. Enjoy stunning playback of CD/DVD, iPod/iPhone video and music, DivX video and WMA/MP3/AAC from USB devices, plus a HDMI input for connection of smartphones and other devices for playback of video and content output.

For optimum sound tuning options, Bass Engine SQ technology is built-in allowing quick advanced bass level adjustment, and the Alpine TuneIt TTS App for iOS or Android provides a full set of sound tuning options performed right from the smartphone.

The built-in Bluetooth Plus provides audio streaming and full hands-free operation with access to phonebook and advanced functions.

Its innovative 'One-Look Navi' allows a 50/50 split screen mode which displays navigation and the selected source for convenient operation and information at a glance. With its premium navigation you have high-res maps with live traffic updates, text-to-speech, 3D landmarks, fixed speed and red light camera alert, 4WD Hema off road maps and an enhanced POI database.

Alpine 3 Year Vision Warranty & free 3 year map updates.
Terms and conditions apply.
Also soon available in an 8" screen.


The system now includes a high quality reverse Camera

Positioning the 2 Din system requires repositioning the Diff Lock Switches/Lights and the ABS warning system.
The ABS warning lights are moved to the left of the sterering column and the Diff Lock switches to the right of the steering column.
Supply 2 Din Alpine Radio as Detailed above & Iveco Dash Surrounds (TT28.01)
Supply & Fitted as Detailed Above  including Reverse Camera  ( TZ28.01 )






Rust Proofing:

Rust Proof 3If you are travelling remote beaches or harsh environments, or are simply looking to protect your vehicle for the long term, then a good under-body and chassis rust prevention spray is needed.

We use a highly respected under body bitumen spray that has been proven over time. Our body sprayer has been doing our vehicles for over 24 months and is knowledgeable of all the idiosyncrasies of the Iveco 4x4.

Talk to us if you wish to add inner cab body and door sprays etc.


Rust Proof 2The product we use is a thick bitumen spray that covers all the chassis, suspension mounts, differentials and under body.
A long tube is pushed up the chassis rails and other accessible tubular parts and sprayed internally.
Once done the vehicles should be left to stand for a couple of days so that a hard surface is formed. 

Rust Prevention Spray - Single Cab   ( TZ01.32 )

Rust Prevention Spray - Dual Cab      ( TZ01.32 )





Suspension Modifications:

Front ParabolicsWe love the vehicle, however we are always striving to improve.
The front suspension can do with some attention and this particually applies to the Dual Cab version.
The answer is an extra Parabolic Spring in each of the front spring packs. This increases the bump stop height form the standard 40mm to 75mm.
The great side benefit of this addition is there is far less cabin roll through the corners.
ParabolicAs most of our client and production vehicles are below 4500Kg, and underloaded from the 5500Kg actual carrying capacity, this also lifts the front end so the vehicle sits level front to rear.
Note the 40mm ( 1 1/2 Inch) lift at the bull bar.
Kit Price, 2 Parabolic springs, 'U' bolts and all parts 
( TT01.20 )
Supplied & Fitted   ( TZ01.20 )
Progressive Bump Stops:

Air Compressor:

GME UHF Radio:

Window Tinting:

Horn Upgrade:

Steel Tray with Kinetic sub-frame suspension:

Tray SC 4The ScrubMaster Tray is designed with full knowledge of the vehicles serious off-road capacities.

The tray is complete with 420mm high side boards, head board, and 92mm head board hoop.
The ScrubMaster tray is unique in that it is mounted to the chassis using our 6 point (Single Cab) or 4 point (Dual Cab) stress free kinetic system. This removes any undue stress from the vehicles chassis, and allows full off-road articulation.

Single Cab Steel Tray 3300 x 2100mm
Dual Cab Steel Tray 2500 x 2100mm

The Tray is built with a steel subframe and steel sides with a 5mm Alloy Floor.

Powder Coated to match Vehicle.


TT Tray


Single Cab 3300x2100 -   ( TZ01SCTRAY )

Dual Cab 2500x2100 -      ( TZ01DCTRAY )


We can built to your individual designs and additional features can be catered for.

Optional 76mm Removable Rear Rack Carry Bar