Cabin walk-through access:

Front View -Closed


This it is a great benefit during inclement weather, or should the enviroment become 'uncomfortable' it provides a quick access to the cabin area to drive away from a predicament. 

The access is a 'T' shaped cut out of the rear cab and with a corresponding shape in the module and the two sides are connected by a bellows. Because of the height of the vehicle cab, it is not technically a 'walk through', more of a 'duck through'.

The forward part of the module has been designed with seats left and right with a swing table. Simply swing the table to one side to access the cabin.

Fitted   $ 5,250   ( SM50.04 )




Entrance Security/Fly Screen Door:

Security Door 2


When the gull wing door is up it is convienent to have a fly screen door to keep the breeze flowing and the bugs out. Doubling also as a security door so than during humid weather it is possible to sleep safe with the gull wing door open.

The security door is made from all non-ferrous metals and 316 Stainless Steel Mesh with all the features of a full household security door. Parked up at the beach this will not rust.

Fitted  $ 800    ( SM50.05 )






Upgrade from 400Watts of Solar to 600Watts:

Planning to camp at your favourite fishing spot for a few days or running a big freezer for all those fish?

The upgrade from the standard 400Watts of solar to 600Watts would be useful. 
Upgrade $ 1100    ( SM25.01 )


External Solar Anderson Plug:

Perhaps you already have solar panels or would only use the extra input occassionally. 
Wish to park up in the shade but still need solar power charging then this is the answer

An Anderson plug wired into the solar loom to take extra panels is an advantage.

Solar System External plug $ 395     ( SM25.02)


Upgrade from 2 x 120AHr to 3 x 120AHr AGM Batteries:

Should you be using extra fridges and/or freezers where the current draw is high then an extra battery connected into the solar and alternator system would be an advantage.

Extra 120Ahr Battery and associated wiring $ 400 ( SM26.04)


Water Purifier of International Quality:

SeaGullI personally have used this brand of water purifier on all our travels. Not once through China, S E Asia, Canada, Central America and beyond have my wife or I been sick from water contamination. This is one product where we will not compromise.

Manufactured by General Ecology, Inc, a world leader in water purification, using technology that combines truly advanced concepts and purification techniques not available in any other product. This product is used in over 40 countries by homeowners, international airlines, government agencies, military and emergency organisations, scientists, research laboratories, and medical research teams.

The purification and separation technology was scientifically developed to effectively, reliably and ecologically remove a broad range of contaminants. These included all three forms of water borne disease-causing microorganisms, specific toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, foul tastes, odours, sediment and other particulate matter.

This proprietary technology known as General Ecology Inc.'s "Structured Matrix" is independently certified to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's very rigorous Microbiological Standard for Drinking Water Purifiers. 

Purified water from the Seagull 4 system delivers purification down to 0.1 Micron. What does that mean? You are drinking purified water without bacteria, cysts, organic chemicals, metals or viruses. All this, without losing the valuable minerals and electrolytes your body needs. 

 Seagull IV Water Filter incl Instillation $975   ( SM53.01 )


External Shower:

SShower External


Coming back from the beach and needing a quick wash down.

The external shower option offes a shower with a hot and cold water mixer. As with all water outlets it is possible to draw water from an external source, run it through the heater and have an endless shower without touching your on board stocks. Ideal when desert hopping and you come across a spring.

 External Shower $ 790    ( SM53.02 )






Cooking Options:

A cooking option has not been provided as it is a very personal choice and depends on the style of travel one intends.

Many prefer to campfire cook and only have a small cooker for the morning coffee or for use during inclement weather. Others may always cook inside and thus require a high end option. Because of the nature and style of remote travel these vehicles are designed to do, we have elected not to provide a gas option.

Many choose to use the Coleman type one or two burner gas cartridge stove or the Coleman Dual Fuel Stove also available as a one or two burner.
Quick and convienent when the need arrises.


Webasto X100 Ceramic Diesel CookTop: 

rv-cooking-dieselcooker-220 32

The one-flame cooker works with a diesel burner as heat source. The combustion chamber is integrated in the cooker and heats up a ceramic cooktop, which easily provides space for two pots or saucepans. One area is for cooking, while the other is for warming up food.





The cooker uses diesel directly from the vehicle's fuel tank and is completely airtight, ensuring that no unpleasant odors permeate the cabin. All exhaust fumes are conducted outside separately.

The Diesel Cooker is easy to clean, has a simple operation, and makes cooking indoors comfortable and safe.

Fuel usage is a minimal .09 to .18Lts/Hour

Travelling high altitude, the X100 can handle altitude up to 5,000metres

Installed $3050   ( SM60.01 )





High flow and low current draw Fan this 12V Sirocco Fan is ideal for those hot days and nights.

It has a number of speeds and can be preset for 2,4,6 or 8 Hours


 Supply & Fit 12V Sirocco Fan $ 210    ( SM31.01 )







Speaker and Gimbal Light Pod:

Speaker Pod


A stylish speaker and reading light available above the forward table and/or above the bed


Supply & Fit Pod (Pair) Only $ 375    ( SM30.01 )

Supply & Fit Pod (Pair) and Alpine Speakers $ 530    ( SM30.02 )

Supply & Fit Pod (Pair) Alpine Speakers, and 2 x Gimbal Directional Lights $ 560    ( SM30.03 )

Speakers are connected to the vehicles radio.





Awning 3.5m Long x 2m Wide:

Silver/Green light weight Poly Tarp. Easy to fit by sliding into either left or right side module sail track

Supplied $350 ( Poles & guy ropes not included)  ( SM50.02  )



Perimeter Lights

Reverse Light/s

Step Lights