17x9" Steel Rims:

This tyre and wheel combination has been specifically designed for the Iveco Daily 4x4.

This is a tough rim, designed for a harsh environment.

Iveco 17x9

The rim is a 17x9” steel wheel, manufactured to our design by Australia’s most respected wheel manufacturer. The outer rim is rolled from 5mm plate and the centre faceplate is 10 mm pressed steel.

The rim has been tested by ROH to the SAE J328 and provides the minimum international performance requirements and uniform procedures for fatigue testing of wheels intended for normal highway use.

The rim is also manufactured in accordance with the on-road tolerances of the Australian Tyre and Rim Association’s guidelines.  

The ROH testing for the Iveco rims was at 1700Kg  ( see below) and ran to 1.8 Million cycles, before the test was stopped. The SAE requirement is for only 400,000 cycles.




SAE J328 in the minimum performance standard for fatigue testing of wheels for passenger cars, light trucks, and multipurpose vehicles. The test is carried out in two parts:

A Dynamic Cornering Fatigue Test of 18,000 cycles where there shall be no evidence of failure, as indicated by propagation  of cracks, new visible cracks penetrating through a section, or the inability of the wheel to sustain a load. 


A Dynamic Radial Fatigue Test of 400,000 cycles where there shall be no evidence of failure, as indicated by propagation  of cracks, new visible cracks penetrating through a section, or the inability of the wheel to sustain a load.

The Radial load for the J328 test is a massive 2.25 times the stated load capacity.

Thus the Iveco rim was tested at 1700Kg x 2.25 = 3,825Kg 

These tests must be completed with a suitable on-road tyre, and the highest rated on-road commercially available tyre are the 124Q's ( 124 = 1650KG and Q= 160KPH) from Hankook and other manufacturers. TravelTrucks tested the Hankook Dynapro at 1700Kg hence the rated load is a massive 3,825Kg per corner.

(The Toyo 37x13.5 R17 is a competition tyre ONLY and not legal for highway use. Toyo Australia Quote " *For competition use only.")

 # Early in the development of this Iveco rim we tested the wheel with a 4mm outer rim (band) and this FAILED catastrophically  with multiple cracks. For obvious safety reasons these were never placed on the market.

TravelTrucks rims may be slightly heaver than others in the market, however they are the only ones that provide a safe alternative because:

  • They are fully tested under SAE J328
  • Are manufactured in accordance with the guidelines as set out by the Australian Tyre & Rim Association.
  • Are manufactured proudly in Australia by Australia's largest rim manufacturer.
  • 1000's of 17x9's for Iveco, Isuzu and Fuso 4x4 are currently in use globally without one failure.
  • The off set is designed so they can be fitted legally without the addition of ugly after market flairs.

 ROH_Iveco_9x17_Steel_Wheel Test.pdf


The new tested model provides brake cooling holes.

Available in GLOSS BLACK or to match the factory production colour SILVER.


17x9" Steel Iveco Rim in GLOSS BLACK + Freight  ( TT90.01 )

17x9" Steel Iveco Rim in  IVECO SILVER  + Freight  ( TT90.02 )



Light Truck All Terrain Tyres on 17x9" Steel Rims:

Iveco 17x9 on truckOur recommended and personal driving choice is the Hankook Dynapro 37x12.5 R17 MT 124Q LT. Load rating is 1600 kg at 160KPH

On-Road, the Hankook tyre performs well with a balance between plenty of tread for black-top driving and aggressive tread for off-road grip. From personal experience the 17 mm of tread has provided us in excess of 50,000 kms under normal use.

On-road, the 3 different sized blocks provide a quiet drive with minimal road noise. Off-road the Dynapro gives great traction and an even greater flotation over sand. The unique stone ‘ejector’ groves coupled with a rugged shoulder help prevent damage from impacts.

The wheel stands 36.8 inches or 935 mm tall and gives the vehicle an impressive stance.


17x9 wheels 2All wheels are supplied balanced.

The wheel is the same rolling diameter as the Iveco Daily 4x4 Michelin XZL tyre option and as a result the speedo and odometer do not need to be adjusted. The odometer/speedmeter now reads correctly whereas with the Iveco 32" road wheels it is 9% under.

Our recommended running pressures across a variety of terrain is  45psi on road, dirt tracks 35 psi, sand tracks 30 psi and extremely soft sand down to 20psi

For added safety, a set of Wheel Nut Indicators is included at no charge for quick visual checks



See Note below re fitting this tyre combination in the spare tyre position 


Iveco Wheel 17x9" BLACK Steel Rim & Hankook 37x12.5 R17 Tyres        ( TT93.01 )

Iveco Wheel 17x9" SILVER Steel Rim & Hankook 37x12.5 R17 Tyres      ( TT93.02 )

Set of 5 Wheels Supplied & Fitted with Diff Dock Mechanism Moved:      ( TZ93.01 or 2 )



Alloy Bead Locked 17x8.5" Wheels:

17x8.5 Alloy Rims Std FinishThese are Walker Evans Racing Beadlock Wheels. They have been specifically manufactured for the Iveco Daily 4x4 and being a two piece rim are for Recreational Use Only and NOT for Highway use.  ( For Street Legal Rims but with dress beadlocks see below)

These wheels are high pressure cast aluminium giving superior strength for any situation. Ideal for low pressure running whether pounding dunes or just hitting the open desert country.
Load Rated at 1700Kg ( 3800Lbs)
All wheels come with steel thread inserts and Grade 8 hardware

Standard Finish is satin silver face with plain inside finish.


17x8.5Machined with Black

Upgrade option is for the exterior rim to be Machined Black.

Custom colours available on request and must be pre-ordered. 

17x8.5" Standard Finished Walker Evans Beadlocked Rims   ( TT96.03)

17x8.5" Machined Finished Walker Evans Beadlocked Rims

Gloss Black ( TT96.02)

Polished Alloy ( TT96.04)


# Certification of Load Carrying Capasity provided by Walker Evans: Walker_Evans_Load_Doc.pdf
# All the above rims are tested under International Tests SAE J2530 and SAE J175
# All Street Lock Walker Evans Rims meet all relevant Australian ADR and DOT standards for the Iveco Daily 4x4 for on-road use.




Light Truck Mud Terrain tyres on 17x8.5" Alloy Bead Locked Rims:

WE BeadLocked


17x8.5" Standard Finished Walker Evans

BeadLock Rims  ( TT96.03 )


17x8.5" Gloss Black Walker Evans

BeadLockLock Rims  ( TT96.02 )


17x8.5" Polished Walker Evans

BeadLock Rims  ( TT96.04 )


There is no tyre fitting offered for the Beadlock rims this is a SUPPLY ONLY

These rims are for off road use only and DO NOT comply with ADR rules










Alloy Dress - Approved for road use 17x9" Rims:

17x8.5 Polished Beadlock

The same Walker Evans Racing Quality Rim as above but approved for Highway/On-Road Use.

Beadlock ring is cosmetic only


17x8.5" Standard Finished Walker Evans

StreetLock Rims  ( TT95.03 )


17x8.5" Polished /Gloss Black Finish Walker Evans

StreetLock Rims  ( TT95.02 )


17x8.5" Polished Walker Evans

StreetLock Rims  ( TT95.04 )





# Certification of Load Carrying Capasity provided by Walker Evans: Walker_Evans_Load_Doc.pdf
# All the above rims are tested under International Tests SAE J2530 and SAE J175
# All Street Lock Walker Evans Rims meet all relevant Australian ADR and DOT standards for the Iveco Daily 4x4 for on-road use.


Light Truck Mud Terrain tyres on 17x9" Alloy Dress Rims:

The above mounted with Hankook Dynapro MT 37x12.5 R17's.

These wheels need to be balanced on the vehicle and the factory spare wheel carrier needs to be modified to suit the rim.

17x8.5" Standard Finished Walker Evans StreetLock Rims and Hankook Tyres  (TT97.03)

17x8.5" Polished Finished Walker Evans StreetLock Rims and hankook Tyres   (TT97.02)

17x8.5" Gloss Black Finished Walker Evans StreetLock Rims and hankook Tyres   (TT97.01)

Factory spare wheel carrier modified (Exchange) to suit the Walker Evans rim.    (TZ99.01)




Factory Original  6 x 17.5 Steel Rims and Michelin XZY 9.5R17.5:

Iveco Std Wheel

We always have a number of factory original wheels available.

Suitable as extra spares on Standard iveco 4x4's

Trailer Wheels

or just for the tyre itself without the rim

Michelin 9.5 R17.5 XZY's  - NEW

129/127 L at 105psi
Max load single 1850Kg at 105psi
The tyres are mounted on new Iveco 4x4 steel rims

Tyre & Rim $300 + freight ( TT90.02 )
In lots of 5 $250 each + freight




Factory Optional  6.5 x 16" split rims and Michelin XZL 255x 100R16's:

Iveco ZXL

Occasionally we have available the Iveco Factory Optional Michelin XZL

Tyre and Rim $ 600 + freight ( TT 90.01 )










TPMS 4WD  & 2WD Systems:

TPMS-4WD-V2The new TPMS 4WD system monitors tyres from 8 to 101Psi and is specifically designed for 4X4 application where tyre pressures need to be adjusted for Off-Road use

Unlike most TPMS systems, the senders are fitted in place of the valve stem assembly with the body of the sender sensor located inside the rim. The body of this is encapsulated within a silicon resin to protect it against shock and vibration as well as moisture. The unit incorporates the tyre air valve.

One of the most important elements is the reliability, durability and accuracy of the TPMS. The sending devices are self-contained micro-controllers with pressure, temperature and motion detectors, combined with an RF (Radio Frequency Transmitter), all powered by a long life lithium battery. The battery life of the transmitter is designed to outlast the life of the tyre and will last up to 7 years.


The receiver display unit simultaneously displays the tyre pressure or temperature of all 4 wheels. The unit can be powered from the vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter outlet or hard-wired into the power loom.

In the event of a problem with the tyres, the display sounds an alarm and highlights the problem. Swapping tyres around is simply a matter of replacing the small receivers in the monitor. This is done by removing the receiver of the original wheel and replacing it with that of the spare wheel.

A full instruction kit is provided.

To enable us to fit the TPMS into your wheels, ideally your wheels and TPMS need to be ordered at the same time. The TPMS can be retro-fitted however the tyres need to be removed during fitting.

(When ordered with wheel package there is no fitting fee for the in-tyre senders)

The external TPMS modules that screw onto the valve stem simply do not work after any mud or dust – basically useless for off road work.

For more information of the Inawise 4WD TPMS system

Inawise TPMS 4WD System  - 5 Wheels    ( TT98.01) )

Inawise TPMS 4WD System  - 6 Wheels    ( TT98.02 )

Extra sender and receiver for 6th Wheel   ( TT98.03)

Inawise TPMS 201 System    - 5 wheels    ( TT98.07 )

Inawise TPMS 203-8 For 8 to 12 Wheels   ( TT98.04)



Fitting Note For Larger Tyres:

Diff Lock Move

As the 37x12.5 R17 tyre is slightly wider than the factory original, the Iveco diff lock mechanism above the spare tyre needs to be moved up on the chassis by 20 mm.