At TravelTrucks we live and breath the Iveco Daily 4x4.
It is the only truck we sell, and both TravelTruck directors own one and use it regularly.

The Iveco Daily 4x4 is built as a serious 4x4 from the ground up.

The pedigree is impressive. The chassis, drive train, gear and transfer box are built by S.C.A.M., an Italian company specialising in building Military Light Tactical Vehicles. Add to this the Iveco single or dual cab configuration and their 3 litre twin turbo engine, we have a military specked, hardcore off-road all terrain vehicle, with good black top driving attributes.

Wheelbase: 3,400 mm (133 inches)
GVM: 4,495 kg or 5,200 kg
GCM: 8,000 kg
Kerb wt Front: 1,725 kg
Kerb wt Rear: 820 kg
Total Kerb wt: 2,548kg
Front axle cap: 2,450 kg
Rear axle cap: 3,700 kg
Load capacity: 1,950 kg or 2655 kg
Height: 2,597 mm
Length: 5,432mm (Cab Chassis)
Width: 2016mm
Fuel: 90Lts Diesel
Towing capacity: 3,500Kg

Car Licence (C Class) for a GVM of 4495 or Light Rigid License (LR Class) for 5200KG

Engine: 3.0 litre 16 valve common rail, dual stage twin turbocharged inter-cooled diesel, producing 170hp/125Kw and 400Nm/295Lbft of torque.


The Chassis is impressive in its cross section. A 5mm thick high strength modified 'C' section with returns at top and bottom of the 'C'. This combined with a number of (FE490) tubular cross members makes a rigid structure capable of handling the most severe terrain.

The Suspension is based around some extremely flexible parabolic leaf springs that permit impressive wheel travel. This flexibility gives good stability and traction even in the most undulating ground. The telescopic shock absorbers and the anti-roll stabilisers give good even ride over varying terrain.

IMG 0872

 The Drive Train is incredibly solid, and everything is well protected. Both front and rear differentials incorporate permanent four-wheel drive with differential locks, with a centre transfer lock all as standard.

When all three locks are electronically operated from the dash, all wheels, (front, rear and on both sides), are locked to the same speed - supplying impressive traction.

The vehicle has a six speed gearbox and the transfer case offers two reduction gears (1:1 and 1:1.3). The net result is 24 forward gears and 4 reverse.

The transfer case splits the power 32% to the front and 64% to the rear.

ABS is standard but automatically disengages when any of the three diff locks are activated.




IMG 0877PTO outlets are available from both the gear box and transfer case.

Unlike other 4x4 light trucks in the australian market this is not a 4x2 with an extra diff, the Iveco is a hard core, hard working extreme 4x4

Other standard features include Cruise control, air-conditioning, central locking, electric windows, and external heated mirrors, LCD display, and cabin climate control








 IMG 0879The Cab is from the 4x2 Daily, and even that sits 100mm back on the chassis to improve the forward approach angle.

It is designed for maximum storage, with compartments available in the overhead console, under seat, in the door pockets, behind the seat, across the dash, and two glove compartments.

Between the seats is an ideal area for extra storage, a good size fridge, or walk through to the ScrubMaster module.

Visibility is exceptional, and as with all TravelTruck supplied vehicles both driver and passenger enjoy heated suspension seating that is easily adjusted to deliver clear visibility.

The cab and seating is designed to provide comfortable long distance driving no matter the terrain.




Further improvements have been made by Traveltrucks with an offered option that reduces the seat height by 50mm. This makes for an improved relaxed and thus safer driving position whereby you feel you are sitting ‘in’ rather than ‘on’ the vehicle.


The Motor is a Euro 5 EEV homologated 170HP 3.0 litre 16 valve common rail, twin turbo diesel. This meets the strict current European and Australian emission standards.

Fitted as standard is an optimised EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) with DPF (diesel particulate filter). Unlike other light trucks this operates automatically when the engine is hot.

The standard alternator is 140 Ah, however all TravelTruck/ScrubMaster vehicles are supplied with an Iveco factory 180 Ah alternator.

Access to the engine is easy and I was surprised at the amount of room around and about the engine bay. This is a pleasant change to most modern European vehicles.


Fuel consumption from personal knowledge has been achieved in the vicinity of:

      • Country Driving at 80kph: 12.5 Lt/100Kms
      • Country Driving at 100-110kph: 15.5 Lts/100Kms
      • Hard City Driving or Sand Tracks: 18 Lt/100Kms
      • Soft Sand / X-Country Desert Driving: 22Lt/100kms
      • Extreme like Madigan's Line was 25.6Lt/100kms


The vehicle comes standard with 9.5R17.5 (32”) Michelin XZY on-road tyres and is speed limited to 120kph.

Offered from Iveco are optional 255 100R16 (36.5”) Michelin XZL’s on split rims, these are great tyres however the vehicle is factory speed limited to 100kph with this option and cannot be changed. The other downside is the ZXL’s head and toe significantly on the black top over 80kph, are thus are increasingly road noisy. Replacement tyres approach $1,000each...that is if you can get them!

TravelTrucks offer optional 17x9” steel wheels shod with 37x12.5R17 (36.8”) Hankook Dynapro MT’s.

On-road, these tyres perform well with a balance between plenty of tread for black top driving and an aggressive tread for off-road grip.
Off road they provide great traction and an even greater flotation over sand.

From personal experience over a variety of global terrains the Hankook Dynapro have lasted in excess of 50,000kms.


The Iveco Daily is available in White and a limited range of Australian colours at an additional cost. Traveltrucks pre-order our vehicles with our list of factory options in both White and Desert Sand Colour.

If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, TravelTrucks have access to the full range of Iveco Australian and International Colours available on a pre-order basis. Occasionally we pre-order these so do contact us.

This model Iveco has been in the European and the African market for over three years. Now that this has been thoroughly tested internationally Iveco Australia are confident of the product for use in our tough local conditions. Imports started in early 2012, with 4 of the first vehicles destined for TravelTrucks.

The parts and labour warranty is 36months or 200,000 Kms and Iveco offer an Australia Wide Assist program


Details of the Australian model

TravelTrucks is one of the largest on sellers of Iveco 4x4’s in the country and as such can offer some special calculations on your new Single or Dual Cab Iveco 4x4.

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