TravelTrucks are the experts in Iveco 4WD trucks.

Need a light commercial 4WD truck or larger 4WD ute ?

Need a bigger payload than a standard ute can provide ?

The ScrubMaster 4WD Iveco Ute will deliver the payload you need, whatever the terrain.

The ScrubMaster 4x4 Ute is based on the remarkable Iveco Daily 4x4 55S17W (single cab) and 55S17DW (dual cab). This is a purpose built off-road light commercial truck designed from the ground up to tackle the toughest jobs under the harshest conditions. Muddy tracks, rough ground, steep slopes and slippery roads are all handled with ease.

Under special arrangements with Iveco Australia, the TravelTruck’s Iveco 4x4 vehicles are built to our specifications at the Iveco manufacturing plant in Italy and then modified by us in our factory in Brendale/Brisbane to a level that will surpass your expectations.

Want to know more about the standard Iveco Daily 4x4 and our comments on this remarkable machine?
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The ScrubMaster Iveco Ute takes all the advantages of the standard Iveco 4x4 and adds the following modifications to a level that eclipses all other vehicles in the field. The end result is a user friendly and very capable vehicle.

    • Suspension and Heated Passenger and Driver’s seat
    • 180 Amp Alternator
    • Engine Sump Guard
    • Colour Choice of Desert Sand or Iveco White, with other colours available on an on-order basis
    • TravelTrucks Pre-delivery check inspection and service
    • Air intake Snorkel
    • 17x9” steel rims and 37x12.5R17 Hankook Dynapro Mud Terrain on-road/off-road tyres
    • 100KPH speed limiter removed
    • Steel Tray with Kinetic sub-frame suspension
    • Differential & Transfer Box breathers relocated high
    • See below for full details of all the above

The vehicle is standard with the front, centre and rear differential locks, a towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes, a GVM of either 4495 kg or 5500 kg and a choice of single or dual cab configuration.

Uses are ideally suited for:

    • Extended recreational travel
    • Expedition vehicle
    • Emergency services
    • Off-road support
    • Tradespeople
    • Mining and forestry services


TT Tray

Iveco 4x4 Single Cab Chassis
Price as negotiated with TravelTrucks
We know Iveco and can build your vehicle to suit your requirements.
Kinetic Mounted Steel Tray 3300 x 2100mm (Outside dimensions)
Powder Coated to match the vehicle or to your specifications

( Picture shows shorter tray with extra storage box & rear carry bar)

 The following is an indication of a build option




Iveco 4x4 Dual Cab Chassis
Price as negotiated with TravelTrucks
We know Iveco and can build your vehicle to suit your requirements.
Kinetic Mounted Steel Tray 2600 x 2100mm (Outside Dimensions)
Powder Coated to match the vehicle or to your specifications


The following is an indication of a build option



ScrubMaster Iveco 4x4 Ute in Detail

We understand that your vehicle will have unique requirements, and as such an informal discussion on your vehicles application and use, will take place prior to delivery. We will freely offer our knowledge and suggestions in consultation with yourself on any appropriate options and modifications your vehicle may need to meet your requirements.

The following are the standard and proven modifications offered on the ScrubMaster Iveco 4x4 Ute:

Suspension and Heated Passenger and Driver’s seat:

All TravelTruck vehicles are supplied with the Iveco factory option of a heated suspension seat for Driver and Passenger.

180 Amp Alternator:

All TravelTruck vehicles are supplied with this Iveco factory option, allowing quick charge to accessory equipment.

Engine Sump Guard:

All TravelTruck vehicles are supplied with this Iveco factory option to protect the steering assembly and lower engine.

Colour Choice of Desert Sand or Iveco White:

Desert Sand is a colour that has been researched and specifically ordered from Iveco for TravelTrucks. The Desert Sand colour is based around the desire to have a vehicle that does not look like every other truck on the road, is easy to keep clean, is not dark and thus not a heat sink, and is able to blend into the Australian Outback.

We appreciate that the Iveco White is a popular choice and 50% of our pre-ordered vehicles are available in White.

If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, TravelTrucks have access to the full range of Iveco Australian and International Colours available on a pre-order basis. Occasionally we do pre-order these so do contact us.

TravelTrucks Pre-delivery check inspection and service:

A number of modifications are made by Iveco under our instructions to the factory computer systems to cater for our variants, including a variety of trailer lights, HID head light optional upgrades etc.

Known electrical lines and hoses in the engine bay that are vulnerable are secured.

Adjustments made to breaking bias to suit the vehicles GVM.

Checks are made on transfer box, rear differential and other parts where from experience there have been small issues.

Following the Pre-Delivery service from Iveco and delivery to our workshop, a complete vehicle check is made with a written report detailing any issues, very comforting as many of our clients are interstate or overseas.

Air Intake Snorkel:

The vehicle is fitted with our RidgeLine Snorkel.
Specifically designed by TravelTrucks to improve air flow above the bull dust layer and move the air intake well above the water line.

17x9” Steel Rims and 37x12.5R17 Hankook Dynapro Mud Terrain on-road/off-road tyres:

This product changes the handling, ride and off road ability of the Iveco significantly.

The steel wheels provide strength and durability in the harshest of terrain.
The rims have passed SAE J328 fatigue testing with ROH Australia to the required 400,000 cycles, yet testing continued past an impressive 1.8 Million cycles without fault
On-road, the tyres perform well with a balance between plenty of tread for black top driving and an aggressive tread for off-road grip.
Off road they provide great traction and an even greater flotation over sand.

The Hankook Dynapro are tubeless and recently won Americas favourity mud tyre.

The Iveco 4x4 is dual tyre rated for both the 32"on-road tyres on 17.5' rims and the 36.6" (Michelin 255 100R16) off-road tyres on 16" split rims.
The 37" (actually 36.6") Hankook tyres improve the stance and ground clearance of the vehicle. They match exactly the rolling diameter of the factory optional Michelin off-road wheels. The odometer now reads accurately unlike the factory original 32" wheels where the odometer is 9% below actual.
If you order the vehicle from Iveco with the Michelin off-road tyre option, it is speed limited at the Iveco factory build stage at 100KPH. Replacement Michelin tyres will cost in the order of $1,000 per tyre, if you can get them!

100KPH Speed Limiter Removed:

With the addition of the above wheels the 100KPH off-road speed limitation is removed from the vehicle. The tyres are rated at 124Q = 1600Kg@160KPH

Steel Tray with Kinetic sub-frame suspension:

Tray SC 4The ScrubMaster Tray is designed with full knowledge of the vehicles serious off-road capacities.

The tray is complete with 350mm high side boards, head board, and 76mm head board hoop.
The ScrubMaster tray is unique in that it is mounted to the chassis using our 6 point (Single Cab) or 4 point (Dual Cab) stress free kinetic system. This removes any undue stress from the vehicles chassis, and allows full off-road articulation.

Single Cab Steel Tray 3300 x 2100mm (Outside dimensions)
Dual Cab Steel Tray 2600 x 2100mm (Outside Dimensions)

The Tray is built with a steel subframe and steel sides with a 5mm Alloy Floor. PowderCoated to match Vehicle or black.

(Rear carry bar hoop is an optional extra)


We can built to your individual designs and additional features can be catered for.


Differential & Transfer Box Breathers transfered high:

The Iveco differential breathers are known to easily oxidise, blocking and then eventually forcing oil from the pinion seal.
TravelTrucks modify and move both breathers from the front and rear differentials to high in the engine bay.

Completing the investment in longevity the Transfer Box breather is also moved up high behind the vehicle cabin.
The gear box breather is already high in the engine bay, and it surprises us that the before mentioned are not moved accordingly.


All ScrubMaster supplied Iveco vehicles are covered by the full Iveco warranty for 36 months/200 000 Kms and includes Australia wide Roadside Assist.
All TravelTruck accessories are supported by TravelTrucks 12 months warranty.

Your ScrubMaster Iveco 4x4 Ute can be further optioned with our tried and proven accessories.

Click: TravelTruck 4x4 Iveco Accessories


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