TravelTrucks is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in Iveco accessories, custom-built off-road campers, expedition vehicles and utilities, using our specially modified Iveco 4WD light trucks.

TravelTrucks was built on the passion of two individuals – Col Gilliland and Kym Bolton – who both share a love of exploring the remote corners of the globe where bitumen is but a memory and pot-holes are the size of the average SUV.

In 2016 Kym decided that he was getting itchy feet and travel was his destination.

Col is the sole owner of Traveltrucks and with his team will take the business into the future.

Col Gilliland

Col Gilliland is an industry expert in DC electrical design and applications – specialising in durable wiring for extreme environments and driving conditions.

His expertise is recognised by some of the world’s leading mining supply companies for the design and implementation of sophisticated wiring into ultra-high tech mining equipment.

He applies this know-how and expertise to each TravelTruck Vehicle and accessory.

Outside of work, Col is an avid adventure bike rider, trail rider, camper, adventurer and family man.

He likes nothing better than getting out and testing the products we make and design.