ScrubMaster, The Off Road Motor Home built for adventure.

SM SC 5If your idea of the perfect escape is heading overland, exploring the Kimberley’s, or driving through the remotest reaches of Mongolia – then the ScrubMaster Expedition will get you there and in comfort.

ScrubMaster’s Off Road Overland Camper is small enough to tackle the tight tracks of Cape York, be aerodynamically fuel efficient.

On the inside, ScrubMaster offers copious storage and has enough features for you to tackle the wildest expeditions in complete comfort and security

The camper modules are made from a light one-piece moulded seamless composite fibreglass with a 25mm foam core. This means greater strength, temperature retardant, and with no chance of leaks, dust or vermin access.



The units are firmly fixed to the specially designed ScrubMaster sub-frame that has independent kinetic suspension. This proven system removes any undue stress from the vehicle and camper and allows full off-road axle articulation.

This is one truly robust extreme expedition vehicle designed from the ground up, specifically to suit the Iveco Daily 4x4. It is destined to travel the most unbelievable terrain.

The concept emulates from one of Australia's most experienced overlanders, having designed and manufactured two previous commercial overland vehicles, and now with over a quarter million kilometres of international overland travel through a wide range of countries and conditions, the result is this ultimate vehicle. The ScrubMaster Expedition incorporates old reliable ideas, new proven technology and construction techniques, and travel experience that has unprecedented value.

Mark Twain once said:
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did."

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The ScrubMaster series of vehicles is based on the remarkable Iveco Daily 4x4 55S17W (single cab). This is a purpose built off-road military specked light truck designed from the ground up, to tackle the toughest jobs under the harshest conditions.

Under special arrangements with Iveco Australia, the TravelTruck’s Iveco 4x4 vehicles are built to our specifications at the Iveco manufacturing plant in Italy and then modified by us here in our factory in Brendale/Brisbane to a level that will surpass your expectations.

Want to know more about the standard Iveco Daily 4x4 and our comments on this remarkable machine?

Click Iveco Daily 4x4


The ScrubMaster Expedition takes all the advantages of the standard Iveco 4x4 and adds the following modifications to a level that passes all other vehicles in the field.


    • Iveco Daily Single Cab 4x4 including TravelTrucks upgraded factory features
    • A GVM of well under 4495kg.
    • Module size 3520 x 2150mm
    • Manufactured as a one piece Fibreglass unit that is Strong & Lightweight
    • Full size Double Bed
    • 4 x Module Windows
    • 1400mm of Bench Space and 120Lt Fridge Freezer
    • Shower & Toilet
    • Diesel Air & Water Heater
    • Seating and Table for two
    • Significant Storage
    • 185Lts of on-board Water & 50 Lts Grey Water Tank
    • Pop-top roof with 8 Big fly-screened Windows
    • Solar, House Battery System and LED Lights
    • Optional Advanced Touch Screen Electrical system

 SM SC 3



Single Cab ScrubMaster 4x4 Expedition

Price on application

Shown with optional wheels, BullBar and Snorkel






ScrubMaster Floor Layout


Floor Plan:

  • 3520 x 2100mm
  • Full Size Double Bed
  • Plenty of Bench Space
  • Good sized Shower & Toilet
  • Comfortable Seating
  • Heaps of Storage
  • Diesel Air & Water Heater 
  • 4 Large Module Windows
  • 8 Large Windows in Vinyl Skirt
  • Internal Height - 2230mm
  • Impressive Departure Angle
  • Low Total Vehicle Weight




All ScrubMaster supplied Iveco vehicles are covered by the full Iveco factory warranty for 36 months or 200,000 Kms and includes Australia Wide Roadside Assist.                                       All TravelTruck/ScrubMaster accessories are supported by TravelTrucks 12 months warranty.


A number of pre-ordered vehicles are committed to production give us a call on the next available build slot !!!!!


ScrubMaster Expedition Options:

  • Cabin walk-through access.
  • Cooking Options: Webasto's  Ceramic Diesel Cooktop, induction Cooktop.
  • Upgrade from standard 400Watts of Solar to 600 Watts, and/or an External Solar plug
  • Upgrade from 2 x 120AHr to 3 x 120AHr AGM Batteries
  • Lithium options are available
  • Thule Awning 3.5x2m (Desert Sand colour coded)
  • Iveco Vehicle options are numerous and can be viewed here. 



ScrubMaster Overland Expedition Vehicle in Detail

Designed from Experience:

Each and every component, its size, its operation and where it fits into the whole, is a direct result of actual travel experiences.


Iveco Daily Single Cab 4x4 including TravelTrucks upgraded Iveco factory features:

The following are standard and proven modifications on the ScrubMaster Iveco 4x4 Expedition:

Suspension and Heated Passenger and Driver’s seat
All TravelTruck vehicles are supplied with the Iveco factory option of a heated suspension seat for Driver and Passenger.

180 Amp Alternator
All TravelTruck vehicles are supplied with this Iveco factory option, allowing quick charge to accessory equipment.

Engine Sump Guard
All TravelTruck vehicles are supplied with the Iveco factory option protecting the steering assembly and lower engine.

Colour Choice of Desert Sand or Iveco White
Desert Sand is a colour that has been researched and specifically ordered from Iveco for TravelTrucks.
The colour is based around the desire to have a vehicle that does not look like every other truck on the road, is easy to keep clean, is not dark and thus a heat sink, and is able to blend into the Australian Outback.

We appreciate that the Iveco White is a popular choice and 50% of our pre-ordered vehicles are available in White.

If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, TravelTrucks have access to the full range of Iveco Australian and International Colours available on a pre-order basis. Occasionally we do pre-order these so do contact us.

All ScrubMaster Camper Modules are colour coded to match the host vehicle


TravelTrucks Pre-delivery check, inspection and service:


A number of modifications are made by our Iveco dealer on pre delivery to the configeration of the settings in the computer systems to cater for our variants. These include a variety of trailer lights, HID head light optional upgrades, tyre speed ratings etc.

Known electrical lines and hoses in the engine bay that are vulnerable are secured.

Adjustments made to breaking bias to suit the vehicles GVM.

Checks are made on transfer box, rear differential and other parts where, from experience, there have been small issues.





Following the Pre-Delivery service from Iveco and delivery to our workshop, a complete vehicle check is made with a written report detailing any issues. This is very comforting as many of our clients are interstate or overseas.


A TARE weight of approx 3900 kg allowing for a payload of up to 500 Kg:

Travelling vast distances over difficult terrain means it is critical to keep the overall weight (Tare) to a minimum

The Scrubmaster EV has been purpose designed and built to achieve this. The weight (Tare) of ScrubMaster in its standard format is 3900Kg including 90Lts fuel, and Spare Wheel.

This allows for 500Kg of personal effects.
The addition of accessories, auxilary fuel etc will increase the Tare weight.
There are a number of other factors that need to be considered:
  • Vehicles over 4495Kg require annual roadworthy inspections. 
    Challenging if you are interstate and impossible if overseas.
  • Vehicles over 4495Kg require a Light Rigid Truck licence.
  • The cost of running a vehicle over 4495Kg is higher.
  • The Power to Weight ratio - The heavier the vehicle the more fuel you will use.
  • The Heavier the Vehicle, the more likely you will be stuck and increasingly difficult to extract
  • Vehicles over 4495kg have got greater restrictions in remote travel areas when there are ferries over river crossings.










Module Sixe 3520 x 2150mm:

SM SC 4The module size is calculated to allow maximum internal use of space yet represents a balanced vehicle shape. The taper off at the rear retains the Iveco's impressive departure angle.

The module is designed to suit the vehicle width (2016 at cabin + rear view mirrors). Not too wide to inhibit driving tight tracks, however wide enough to accommodate an internal bed length of 2050mm.

The height of the module has been designed with vehicles aerodynamics in mind. With the roof in its closed position it is still possible to live inside, during weather extremes or in uncomfortable situations.

The main access door is a gull wing and provides shade and rain protection for the entrance. With the internal security /fly screen door it provides further ventilation in humid climates.


The Iveco chassis is military specked, TravelTrucks do not believe in cutting and extending what is an integral part of the vehicle, potentially compromising its reliability and reducing its off road ability. (ramp over angle)

However if the customer requires this to be done we can accomadate and help with the process.

 TravelTrucks have no drill policy on the chassis.

 With all accessories and options offered, minimal holes are drilled into the side of the chassis. All components are designed and manufactured to use existing factory provided chassis mounting holes and extra holes will only be drilled when there is no other option.  





Manufactured as a one piece Fibreglass unit that is Strong & Lightweight:

DSCN5827The main body of the module is manufactured in one piece.

This method of construction eliminates the glueing of individual panels and improves the integral strength and eliminates dust, water and vermin infiltration.

Each composite fibreglass wall and floor components incorporates hi density foam insulation.

The net result is an incredibly strong yet light weight module.

Bare, the lower module weigh's a mere 400Kg.




The 2015 Model - What's New ?
Since the launch of ScrubMaster in June 2014 every component has been tested, redesigned, and remoulded if needed. 
This has been a painful wait for those clients who ordered early however the results exceeded all expectations
A completely new roof offering enhanced thermal protection and cooling slots for the Solar Panels meaning higher solar input. An all new Pop-Top curtain, better thermal block out and improved window design, zippers and appearance. The roof interface layer is now fully moulded and looks extremely smart, we have taken any metal out of the internal trims to illiminate sweating and it also gives a much nicer look to the whole interior.
The access and two side doors now have a moulded inner surface, which looks smart and is a lot more functional with a pinch weld type seal.
The list is both extensive and impressive.

Full Size Double Bed:

Rear View 2


A full size Double Bed mattress is provided.  

The mattress is a 180mm thick Innerspring Ikea Hafslo with Bonnell springs providing all-over support.








4 x Module Windows: 

Windows are Dometic with solar pull down shades and pull up insect screens. They are all two piece insulated with various opening angles.

    • 2 windows 1100 x 450 above bed allowing a good air flow over the bed yet high enough to stop onlookers.
    • 1 window 450 x 450 above RH seat
    • 1 window 450 x 450 in gull wing entrance door. This allows sighting before opening.


1400mm of Bench Space and 120Lt Fridge Freezer:

Work Bench


A good work and food prep area is essential, be it for short of long term travel.

The fibreglass bench top and splash back is over 1.4 metres long and incorporates a good sized wash up bowl.


The wash up bowl has a removable plastic inner bowl for the retention of water during water shortages, or for dousing the campfire, washing windscreens etc.








Below the bench is a centrally located Stainless Steel 120Lt Danfoss Compressor 12V Fridge Freezer.

This model unit has consistently proven itself over countless rough roads and through the most extremes of hot weather.

Current draw is a low 40Amps/24 hours.









Below the bench are two sets of three large drawers.

Four drawers have an internal height of 240mm, allowing for the storage of upright containers and large items.

Two top drawers have an internal height of 140mm.

All are 450 to 500mm long and 350mm wide.

Full height sides allow for maximun use of space.

The drawer cabinets are made from 100% waterproof, light weight plastic that is both bonded and screwed to all adjoining components. The finish is in a hard wearing matt laminate.




Secret hole


Below the sink there is a secret hiding hole / storage space including two inbuild 12V charging sockets.

Depending on the optional cooking configuration, there is a drop down front on the Left Hand Side for further storage of a portable cooking appliance.









Shower & Toilet:



The all fibreglass internal shower module is 1000 x 700mm and using the Thetford C-200 Cassette Chemical toilet with its 180 degree rotating seat allows ample room to have a great shower.


The toilet flush water is provided directly from the ScrubMaster holding tank and it has its own 17Lt Waste Tank.

The shower area incorporates a small hand wash basin and wet storage area.

Hot water is provided by a Webasto Thermo Top that provides on-demand hot water.  

















Diesel Air & Water Heater:


Hot water and heatered air is provided by a Webasto Thermo Top C diesel powered heat exchange system. The diesel fuel supply is from its own external 10Lt fuel tank and provides on-demand hot water and warm air. The maximum water temperature can be controlled via an inbuilt tempering mixer valve.

Heating is rated at 1.8 to 7.6Kw with a low fuel consumption of only 0.22 to 1.04 Lt/hour

Unlike the Webasto Dual Top, this system is designed not to dump its contents when the temperature drops to 5 degrees. The Dual Top also requires in excess of 1/2 Hour to heat water to a usable temperature.



Heater  pump


The Pump, Pump filter, Webasto Heater, Tempering controls and the Drinking Water Filter are easily accessable below the RH seat in the living area.

This is housed in its own fibreglass sump with an evacuation valve to dump external of the camper in the unlikely case of a failure in the plumbing or heater fluids.

There are minimul plumbing connections done external from the sump.










Seating and Table for two:

Front View 2


Conveniently located, two armchair like seats and swing table provide a comfortable meal table or retreat.
The swing table easily moves aside for access to the vehicle cab via the optional walk/duck through.

Below the LH seat is storage and under the RH seat is access to the plumbing and heater.
Behind the LH seat is the electrical control hub and behind the RH seat more storage.

The seats are trimmed with a quality Italian leather and complemented with a fabric or leather back drop and cushion surrounds.

The floor throughout is trimmed with industrial quality vinyl.

The photograph also shows the optional vehicle cab walkthrough. 



Front View -Closed


Occasionally situations like severe weather or an uncomfortable environment command that the roof be down whilst you are inside.  

ScrubMaster is designed so that even with the roof fully closed it is comfortably possible to move around and sleep.  








Significant Storage:

Apart from the 6 below bench drawers and under seat storage, two x 550 or 950mm long drawers are below the bed. These are accessable from within the camper and provide significant storage for clothing.

There is also two huge storage areas below the bed and accessible from the left and right side externally of the vehicle, depending on the under bunk draws this gives up to 1000ltr of storage space.

RH Storage

LH Storage


185 Lts on Board Water:

A 185 litre water tank has been designed to sit low and in between the rear chassis rails providing a very low centre of gravity.

There is much discussion in the overland community as to one or two tanks. From experience with two tanks, one potable and the other not, is a bit pointless if you are delivering water through the same plumbing system. If you use the second non-potable water tank and it is filled with water that is potable, this water is instantly contaminated.
From personal experience with two people showering every night (somewhat conservatively but not frugally) and normal cooking, drinking, etc I estimate 185 Lts will last approximately 10-12 days.

A 50 litre grey water tank is provided with a manual release tap.


Pop-top roof with Big Windows:

Front View 3


Four 12V actuators lift the roof by depressing a switch from either the front control panel or the control panel in the living area. The system has a current limiting feature which will stop the roof lift should it be impeded by objects such as a low tree branch.

The vinyl skirt is a high quality block-out and a non see-through material. Three layers including an internal thermal layer reduces the thermal conductivity.

Eight large fly screened windows allow for a 360 degree view and impressive ventilation.

The front screen has a full zip for easy access to the vehicles roof.






Solar, House Battery system and LED Lights:


The roof mounted solar system is standard with 400watts. Coupled with the two 120Ahr HGL batteries the system provides sufficient power for the LED lighting and low draw refrigerator for a significant number of  days.


Should your camping style be more stationary, or you wish to run additional freezers then there is the option to increase this to 600watts, and/or add an external solar plug and carry an additional panel to be laid out when stationary.

The battery tray also has provision to upgrade from the standard 2 to 3 120AHr batteries giving a massive 360 AHr.

There is also the option of lithium batteries


All the internal lights are low draw LEDs, some have dimming functions and are able to be turned off at the individual light, this allows for a personal choice of lighting.





Night light inside



When camping remotely no one wishes to be too obvious,

ScrubMaster comes with a Red LED night light providing security in camping and a touch of class.





Night Light door


The gull wing door has two external white lights which can be switched from the living area or switched off at the light if required.



Additional LED lighting is provided in the storage lockers together with a 12V socket outlets for fans and recharging appliances.




Door Latches & Seals: 

Access Door latch


The Iveco is capable of some very rough terrain, hence it is critical the all components keep up with the host vehicle.

The Gull wing door locks are double action locks  - the same as in a conventional car door.

Side Lockers use two compression latchs on each door that when closed compress the pinch weld to a water and dust proof seal.

All Doors, the Roof and the Stairs have electronic warning devices attached so as soon as the engine key is turned on and the hand brake is released, a warning will sound should a door be left open.

 As a further safty feature the roof will not raise unless the hand brake is applied.



Battery Isolation:

Battery Isolators


TravelTrucks have designed the charging system so that the vehicles' 180Amp alternator will charge the Start battery then the House batteries. Similarly the Solar Charging system will attend to the House Batteries then the Start Battery. 

Storing the vehicle for as length of time or simply wish to leave it more secure. One can isolate either or both the Start and/or the House batteries by the turn of a knob.

Furthermore it is possible to emergency parallel the complete system and have the ability to jump start yourself in the case of a flat or faulty start battery.




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SM SC 7 

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