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December 2015 has been a busy month for Travel Trucks

Welcome to our latest customer TT59 Mark Walker


December 2015

Congratulations to Jack from Oz Cover becomming the proud new owner of TT58!!





December 2015

TravelTrucks entered the ScrubMaster in the Moreton Bay Innovations Awards.

We have made a short list in the Narangba Innovations Precienct.

TravelTrucks is very proud of its work and quality products.

This is done by hard work and good people in the team.

Thanks to the staff at TravelTrucks for their efforts.

Innovations award

July 2015

Another Happy Travel Trucks Customer!!

Congratulations Karl on becoming the proud owner of TT49 Today!!


June 2015

QLD Caravan & Camping Show June 3rd - 9th

Travel Trucks are going great guns at the show this year.

Both of our Trucks TT43 & TT47 are a huge hit and drawing in the crowds daily!!

If you haven't already been to see us make sure you come and say Hi to Col, Stuart and the friendly team at the stand located on the main oval!!

and don't forget about our show special....


*** 1 ONLY ***

2014 55S17W Single Cab Iveco Daily 4x4 Desert Sand

Hail Damage Vehicle

SAVE $$$

Fantastic Price $ 78,000.00 Inc. GST + on roads

Show 2Show 1


To Lina & Ian on becomming the latest happy owners of their very own Travel Truck

Welcome to the Travel Truck Family


May 2015

QLD Caravan & Camping Show June 3rd - 9th

Come and visit our Travel Trucks stand at the show. We will have an Expedition Scrubmaster on display.


*** 1 ONLY ***

2014 55S17W Single Cab Iveco Daily 4x4 Desert Sand

Hail Damage Vehicle

SAVE $$$

Vehicle Only - Fantastic Price $ 78,000.00 Inc. GST + on roads

March 2015

Travel Trucks Announcement

It is with great pleasure that we announce, Col Gilliland has purchased Kym Bolton’s share in TravelTrucks. As part of this arrangement Kym has also resigned as a director of TravelTrucks.

This is a totally amicable arrangement, and just as Travel Trucks started in June 2012 with a friendly handshake, so a new beginning for both parties with the same gesture.

I (Kym) leave TravelTrucks purely because; at 65 there are more overland adventures I must do on this planet, before I leave for the next.

Together Col and I have achieved something quite significant: Sold more Iveco Daily 4x4’s than most dealers combined: designed, tested and produced an unrivalled list of Iveco accessories, and produced a range of expedition vehicles that others are benchmarked against.

The company is in good stead with a good team, and I have no doubt that this will continue under Col’s management.

Whilst I am no longer active in TT, I will continue to provide Col with feed back, new innovative ideas, and MORE – being the Mobile Officer for Research and Exploration !

It's been a great ride and I have enjoyed the interaction with you our clients. If I have encouraged you to travel further afield and see this great world then I have achieved Thank You.

Of the gladdest moments in human life, methinks is the departure upon a distant journey to unknown lands.
Richard Burton 19th Century explorer


Line UpOur line up of Iveco 4x4's in late January - 9 of these destined for TT


Hail storms in late February damaged 3 of our Iveco 4x4 Single Cab Chassis vehicle whilst stored in the Iveco Australia yard. Our loss can be your gain!

The damage on one is limited to a bonnet and a couple of small marks on the roof the other two is bonnet and roof. The bonnet can easily be replaced with new and repainted, the roof can be also easily repaired however for the savings offered, is one ever going to look up there?

The savings on these 3 are SIGNIFICANT, so much so the we are under strict instructions from Iveco Australia that we must not put them into print !

Phone or e-mail us and we can divulge what you can pick one on these up for.


TT42 Heath

Now there is a BIG smile from Alan when he collected his ScrubMaster this week.

Alan is Perth based and our first into WA








ScrubMaster Cake


Two builds are starting this month.

Stuart and Leanne's and Ian & Lina's

It was also a birthday for Ian and the cake was?

An editable Scrubmaster !

Thanks for sharing.

..and Shells Kitchen for the creation:




BushMaster and ScrubMaster, two very capable vehicles on and off road.

However only one has a cold beer in the fridge, a shower and a great double bed !

Thanks Bluey for the image.





February 2015


Jenny Stanton & Wayne Brady's new ScrubMaster

This vehicle is designed for some great travels, as Jenny & Wayne supply the support vehicle for The Great Divide Tag Along Tour Company.

Already their Iveco was the first Iveco to cross the Simpson Desert via the challenging Madigan's Line. A hard 10 Days travel by GPS from Old Andado to Birdsville. With the addition of TT accessories particularly the fuel tank upgrade to a total of 250Lts the distance was easily covered.





Peter & Janette's ScrubMaster before heading off to the Fraser Coast for some beach testing.


”We arrived home safely today after a trip of 3670 km over every conceivable road quality, from highways, deep sand, flooded tracks, the Kosciuszko mountain pass through Thredbo, and urban roads through Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

We love the comfort of the cab- and dining-seats, the pop-top, the walk-through, the fridge, the water/air heater, the bed, kitchen drawers, the boot space,

... All performed well. We are mighty pleased."


Maninsmanins 1

3 Generations of Expedition Vehicle Builds

Lyn & I ( Kym ) had some "time-out" and visited the Adventure Travel Festival in Bright Victoria. A great event if you are interested in Overlanding and Global Adventure Travel. Interesting talks by characters like Ron Fellows ( some 70 years young) who rode a 100 year old motorcycle from Nepal back to the factory in Belgium, and Kate Lemming who rode a push bike 22,000 Kms across 20 countries in Africa in 299 Days !!

It was by chance, the meeting of 3 generations of my Expedition Designs.

The first vehicle was my concept forward control pop-top camper designed to fit into a shipping container so I could drive the 'Road of Bones' across Siberia then on to Mongolia, the UK, then Nth Africa.

During the above drive the thoughts of a better design emerged and became a commercial reality until I got 'itchy feet' again and shipped one off to Malaysia in 2010 for a 130,000km treck across Asia and then North, Central and South America.

ScrubMaster is the result of the evolution of improvements processed during those last 4 years of overlanding.

Built from experience !

3 Generations3 generations 1

January 2015

The First of the 2015 Series ScrubMasters

Anne Marie's ScrubMaster

DSC 0571DSC 0563

Ernst & Stefanie's ScrubMaster

We are back in Victoria safely without any problem, therefore you really have very happy customers, because we are very comfortable in the camper.

Even with temperature of only 8 degrees and up in QLD, as you know, it got very hot and sticky. It rained in buckets at times it got so foggy that you could only see a few meters ahead and we had to cross flood-waters in NSW. It was a very eventful, but also rewarding trip home.

Scrubby 2015Pic 0126 044Pic 0128 062

December 2014

A Single Cab Explorer Module ready for some Xtreme Adventure.

This truck is going places

Notice the Number Plate : 4x4 RIPA !

SC Exo 4SC Exp 1SC Exp 3SC Exp 2

November 2014

Dual Cab 4x4 Explorers Module, A Photographers Base Camp

Our photographer client needed a vehicle to get to remote places, a roof platform for photography, and a module with a 180Lts water, hot&cold external shower, and air heater.

The insulated module with two 1500mm long gull wing doors and windows, will, after fit out by others in Melbourne, provide sleeping accommodation for two plus heaps of storage.

With upgrades to suspension, stereo and seating, long range fuel tanks plus a long list of TT goodies, he can get up to 1500kms off the track to those special photographic places.

EXP DC 2Exp DC 1

November 2014 - Our first production ScrubMaster is let loose.

Now travelling the back roads of Queensland, our clients love to fish in remote places.

With their boat in tow, they have the luxury of a remote base camp and power to tow.

Bluey 2Bluey 3


28th October 2014 - Our fully optioned demonstrator vehicle is for sale. SOLD ..sorry !


16-26th October 2014 - A 4,000Km test for ScrubMaster

Our demo ScrubMaster was driven from Brisbane to Broken Hill and a 1,000 kilometre bash around the sand dune and harsh rocky country of the 'Hill'. I was part of the organisation team setting up the 4x4 Outback Challenge 2014 and it was an ideal time to fully test the vehicle, accessories and camper.

We jumped cattle grids, pushed hard into culverts, and drove 3 of competition stages of the 4x4 challenge. For the punishment the vehicle was put through I am impressed and pleased to report all is well.

OBC Sand


It was in the sand dunes I was most happy. At 20PSI, in High box with the splitter box in LOW, the fully loaded vehicle performed beyond my expectations. Far better than my 4x4 Canter of which I am very familiar.

The sand dunes in the picture, and bigger ones, easily climbed.


With the tyre pressures at now 25psi it was sandy tracks and rough station tracks, sliding into corners under power, and breaking hard for drop-offs. The ride was comfortable.



Economy over 500kms at 85-90KPH was 13.1 Lts/100kms, it was then 500kms at 100/110 and long blasts at 125 was 17.5 Lts/100kms –again fully loaded with 185Lts water and up to 250Lts fuel.

OBC Dust
Bull dust was everywhere. Often travelling in convoy it was occasionally impossible to not be driving blind. All our seals worked well.
See more of the Outback Challenge 2014 at:






30th September 2014

A milestone has just passed with TT having sold its 50th Iveco 4x4 Daily !

DSCN3716October will see the first 2 Expedition ScrubMasters and a Dual Cab Explorer module out in the field.

This coming month will also see start of production of the next 2 Expedition ScrubMasters and a Single Cab Explorer Module.








22nd September - Kym's Overlanding experience, invaluable to TravelTrucks

Lyn & I have just returned from 3 months Overlanding in South America.

Last month we were slowly ambling along country roads in Bolivia and bush tracks following the Pacific coastline in Peru and Chile, now the phone rings and e-mails ding all the time. It's a bit of a cultural shock but for those who know me, know I love to be busy.

Travelling the Andes Mountains at up to 5000metres and Bolivia at negative 20+C is a challenge. The knowledge gained invaluable to TravelTrucks and our builds.

Overlanding is easy and many would think travel such as this is expensive, that is simply not the case. Keep in mind that we free camped 98% of the time, and food we cook ourselves after buying from the village markets, hence living is far less than at home.

Vehicle running costs are our only real expense. The total travel distance in the last 4 years was 126,000kms with a total fuel cost of US$22,500 over the 4 years at an average of US$1.07/Lt. (That calculates to A$6200/year) Fuel price varied from US$.002/lt in Venezuela to US$4.80/Gal in northern Alaska. Apart from that - 3 sets of tyres, servicing which we mostly do ourselves, I think it is a very economical way to see the world.

Here's a couple of panoramas of South America to get you tempted:


laguna Colorada

valle de Moon 5

Salvador Dali 1

Pacific View 11



24th June 2014


TT is contracted to supply Wheels & Type T1 Bull Bars for 5 Iveco 4x4 vehicles for a major mining company.









4-10th June 2014

3rd June 2014

The ScrubMaster Expedition Camper and Explorer Module were launched at the Brisbane Caravan & Camping show.

We were overwhelmed with the response. After the 6 days our delivery schedules were blown out to March 2015.






2nd June 2014

2nd June 2014The team worked from 6am on the 1st June right through to 4pm on the 2nd. That's a straight 34 hours to get the vehicles finished in time for the show.

Such is the commitment and enthusiasm of our team.
Col & I are justly proud and appreciative.
Thanks guys!
9th May 2014
9th May 2014TT36 rolls out of the workshop looking good with lots of accessories, TravelTrucks tray and a TravelLander removable camper.
Now it's off to Darwin and beyond.
7th Feb 2014
7th Feb 2014
Vehicle testing LandCruiser Park.
Hill climbs, suspension travel, and accessory fitment check.
Constant revisions, rebuilds and testing.
The Evolution of ScrubMaster
Dec 2013
A steel frame is manufactured, around which an exact model or plug is made.
Early Jan 2014
The almost finished plug
Mid Jan 2014
The plug is sanded, endlessly again, again and again.
End Jan 2014
The plug now has a impeccable fine polished finish that will reflect in the finish of the product
Early Feb 2014
The plug is now prepared to take a mould from each side
Mid Feb 2014
The rear part of the mould. Note the polished high gloss finish !
End Feb 2014
Each of the 4 walls and floor are then joined to make one huge mould
End Feb 2014
The inside of the mould is sprayed with the Fibreglass Gel Coat reflecting the colour of the finished module. In this case Desert Sand
End Feb 2014
The laying in of numerous layers of fibreglass matting then insulation foam and more fibreglass matting.
The interlocking weave of the matting and the impregnation of the foam with needles of fibreglass gives the product unbelievable strength without adding significant weight.
March 2014
Out of the mould and a test fit on the vehicle
April 2014
Other internal components that have been made via the same process start to arrive
Early May 2014
Everything starts to come together
End May 2014
The finished product