Black Bear MT 37″

Black Bear MT tyres are provided with excellent on and off-road performance and, the powerful grip force can make 4WD vehicles feel easier to handle.
The outstanding puncture-proof ability makes all adventures to be enjoyable journeys.

The tread pattern design derived from high heel boot and grooves with sufficient depth and width ensure enough traction on un-paved, gravel, mud terrain, and rugged mountain roads.

Deep cutter in the rough blocks and studable design not only possess excellent off-road capacity in the wild but also provide outstanding performance on highway and snow roads.

The different height configuration of big blocks widely spreading on the artistic sidewall not only are for good looking but also provide excellent traction in snow, mud and gravel road conditions and more efficiently prevent tyre from external impact and damage.

Open and rough shoulder blocks and self-cleaning rubber bar in the groove bottom will effectively and automatically clean the accumulated sludge and prevent stones.

The 3 polyester plies casing structure and high turn-up design make carcass stronger, providing excellent handling performance, greater endurance and high loading ability.

MT – 37/12.5R17 131Q Load / 1950 kg (Part# TT98.10)
MT – 37/12.5R17 137 Load / 2300 kg
(Part# TT98)

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