Towbar TT40.01

Our towbars are locally made under the Towrite brand who have been servicing Southeast QLD for the past 40 years. We work closely with our manufacturers to give the best quality possible to our customers. The towbars have a high-quality finish and are designed to last.

 All our towbars have a 3500kg tow rating with a 350kg down force rating. This rating will only change when fitted to a heavy vehicle when using a 50mm ball. To keep the 3500kg tow rating on a heavy vehicle you must upgrade to a 70mm ball.

 We have a range of tow hitches available which are easily interchangeable in the tow bar receiver.

All our towbars have the benefit of shackles or the use of Bartletts for the safety chains.

 It is up to the operator too keep compliant with the current regulations when coupling up your trailer.

 Your safety is our main concern.

55S17W, 55-180 (Part # TT40.01)

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