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Upgrade Your Braking Power with the TT1050.01 Brake Upgrade Kit

Maximise Safety and Performance with Our Gen2 Complete Front & Rear ADR-35 Approved Brake System.

Why Choose the TT1050.01 Brake Upgrade Kit?

Upgrading to a superior braking system is crucial for both safety and performance. A high-quality braking system, like the TT1050.01 Brake Upgrade Kit, enhances stopping power, significantly reducing the risk of brake failure and potential accidents.

By investing in a superior braking system, you not only safeguard lives but also save on costly repairs and reduce vehicle downtime. Some benefits of the TT1050.01 brake kit include:

  • Ventilated rotor with 18% increased diameter and 28mm width
  • ADR-35 compliant and FEA tested
  • Designed specifically for your vehicle, not a repurposed rotor

Buy Your Kit Today

Our TT1050.01 Brake Upgrade Kit can be fitted as a DIY job with no machining required. You will need the capability to press out the wheel bearings and reassemble the hub.

TT1050.01 Brake Upgrade Kit, Gen2 Complete Front & Rear ADR-35 Approved 55S17W, 55-180

$4,495.00 inc. GST

Common Issues with Factory Brakes

Factory brakes often suffer from non-ventilated rotors that lead to overheating, reducing the lifespan of both rotors and pads. This excessive heat causes brake fade, compromising performance and safety. Additionally, replacing factory-fitted rotors can be costly and difficult due to limited availability, often necessitating the rebuilding or replacement of brake callipers.

The TT1050.01 Brake Upgrade Kit addresses these issues with ventilated rotors that enhance stopping power and improve heat dissipation, extending the life of all brake components. The kit also upgrades rear brake capability with new rear wheel cylinders, ensuring the ABS and VSA systems function optimally. This comprehensive upgrade maximises safety and performance, making it a smart investment for any vehicle.

Why You Need the TT1050.01 Brake Upgrade Kit

Safety: Prevent potential loss of life due to brake failure.
Cost Efficiency: Save money on repairs and reduce downtime.
Vehicle Preservation: Protect your prized vehicle from damage.

  • 18% increased brake capacity
  • Purpose-built, not repurposed
  • Enhanced rear brake capability
  • DIY installation-friendly

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